The Center for Freedom and Flight is a
501 (C)3 Non-Profit Corporation

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Thank you for considering a donation to the CFF. Below you will find the donation guidelines and criteria for possible donation acquisitions. Please note that even if these criteria are met, the CFF still may not have the ability to accept the piece(s).

The large number of objects already under our care dictates that we follow strict criteria when determining whether to accept new pieces. Factors include not only storage but long-term management costs and potential for research and exhibition use. Please read our Acquisition Guidelines below. Once you are satisfied that your potential donation meets our criteria, please submit our Questionnaire for review.


  1. The item(s) must be consistent with and relevant to the stated, purpose, stop and activities of the CFF

  2. Primary consideration will be given to the CFF’s ability to provide proper care and storage for any artifact. No item(s) will be considered for acquisition to provide proper care and preservation needs exceed the JDC’s resources. Donations that include financial support for long-term storage and preservation are encouraged

  3. Items must have clear title and be free of copyright restrictions

  4. Donors must provide verifiable record of authenticity and provenance for all proposed donations. The CFF will make every effort to ascertain that items offered are not stolen, wrongfully converted, or acquired under false pretenses

  5. If the CFF discovered that it has required item(s) in violation of the above statement, the CFF shall seek to return the item(s) to the legal owner or shall seek to determine the proper means of disposition through recognized authorities

  6. A 30-day examination period may be requested for any proposed acquisition

  7. All acquisitions are to be outright and unconditional. The CFF cannot guarantee that objects donated will be placed on exhibition, or that they will be exhibited or stored intact as a single collection. In addition, please be aware that curatorial decisions made during cataloging of new collections may result in objects being deemed more appropriate for use in a partnering museum or to be offered for sale to benefit CFF

  8. All donations to the CFF’s collections are irrevocable upon the formal and physical transfer to the CFF

  9. All legal instruments of conveyance and warranty of title, signed by the donor/seller/agent setting forth an adequate description of the items involved, and the precise conditions of the transfer shall accompany all acquisitions

  10. All acquisitions by gift or bequest to the CFF will remain in the possession of the CFF for as long as they retain their physical integrity and authenticity, and if they remain useful for the purposes of the CFF and there is proper storage available

  11. Federal law prevents the CFF from providing identification services or appraisal values for donated items. Donors are responsible for appraisals of value

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